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Telma Retarder REPAIR

A full maintenance is performed in our workshop on to the faulty coils that was broken by the water, mud and misuse. It is provided to work like new.

Long Life

Your retarder continues to work for a long time thanks to the repair


Polyester layer applied on the coils protects your retarder from water and mud


More economic to repair broken coils instead of buying a new retarder

The faulty electromagnetic retarders caused by water, mud and misusage in time, are repaired in our workshop and it will work like its new.

All of the coils need to be renewed for a successfull maintenance.

Retarder coils are replaced by suitable copper wires. They are varnished to be resistant to environmental effects. The cores are also replaced if necessary. All of the plates over and under of the coils are replaced and make sure they are in a perfect dimension with a milling machine.

After mounting the cores and all of the other components, a short circuit test is conducted. An electromagnetic field test is also conducted to make sure wires are correctly attached.

Finally poliester resin is applied on the coils to protect them from the harsh environmental effects such as mud and water.

We have successfully repaired hundreds of faulty retarders for over 20 years by now. The feedbacks coming from our customers prove that the repaired retarders continue to work like clockwork for long times.


Telma Relay Box JD332121

Retarder malfunctions do not have to be by main body. Sometimes, the relays which control the retarder coils, fail because of the electric arcs accumulating on the relay. This causes the retarder works at half capacity or none at all. In this case, retarder box has to be changed.


Telma Speed Control Switch JC252100

This device prevents fire hazards by disabling the retarder while the vehicle stops. It enables the retarder again after the vehicle moves.