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Romania to South Africa, various design factories prefer our amplifier…

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Standard Dimensions

Elegant design in standard dvd dimensions. Compatible with all buses and minibuses.

Easy Assembly

Easy assembly with the Smart Screws. Connectors are included in the package.

TV Power On

TV Power On feature (Automatically powers on TV when switching to Video mode)


Independent Volume

Adjusts passengers’ speaker volume, independent from dvd player

Double Microphone

2 microphones inputs (Rear input is disabled when front input is in use)

Sound Filter

Includes sound filter that prevents interference caused by the engine or other sources

Touch Buttons

Long servie life thanks to touch buttons

Night Light

Night Light on the buttons.

Volume Indicator

Volume indicator with leds


Power Supply Filter

Prevents interferences caused by the engine or other sources.

It’s connected to power supply of 12V / 24V D.C. 

ME 1332


Sound Filter

It’s connected to sound input with a TOS connector. Prevents interferences caused by the engine or other sources.

ME 1331